Custom Portrait

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($100) Artist's ChoiceTrust my creative intuition to manifest the perfect portrait with an optional touch of magic with semi precious crystal sand or a glimmering rhinestone. *Please feel free to include any must have details in the notes provided.*

($80-$85) Basic Portrait: Minimally tooled, painted and textured. Basic tan leather background.

($90-$95) Standard Portrait: Partially tooled, painted and textured. Custom color background.

($105-$110) Premium Portrait: Fully tooled, painted and textured, burnished edges, special effects (glow, metallic, uv reactive, glitter). Full detail background.


- Size: 1 1/4" x 2" (inches)

- Material: Full grain Italian leather, Angelus Direct leather paint, rhinestones, crystal sand, pet ashes* (contact to arrange)

- Hardware: Silver eyelet, split keyring, rhinestones

- Top Coat: Angelus Direct No. 600 Acrylic Finisher


Druidleather specializes in crafting exclusive, individualized animal portraits. These exquisite creations boast exceptional durability, garnering immense satisfaction from distinguished clientele, including renowned public figures and celebrities alike.

Moreover, Druidleather will graciously cater to individual, 'niche' requests, incorporating beloved pet ashes into these sentimental pieces. In essence, Druidry is an animistic tradition that considers all aspects of nature to possess a soul with its own inherent value and purpose. Such as the strength and harmony of the bovines spirit provided within the canvas, graciously lending these properties on to you and the unique being your cherished companion physically once was.

Allow Druidleather to bring light to that ethereal value through vivid creation and devotion to perfection. Each portrait radiates an enchanting sense of magic and tenderness, serving as a timeless keepsake for you or someone you love.

Offerings and services are of a limited supply, subject to weekly to monthly updates depending on materials and personal developments. Druidleather is run solely by one passionate artist with various disabilities and a busy family. Thank you for your interest in working together on such an important momento. It's a pleasure to have the opportunity to honor your requests.

-Wren Makey-


Contact: Please send inquiries and additional information or extra photos for your order to